Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Happy Mail Challenge

I can't believe that my last post on this blog was in June...well, I guess I can with summer being in the middle.  Now that the girls are back at school and normality has returned I guess so can my blogging.

I am a big, HUGE fan of Big Picture Classes and of course an ENORMOUS fan of Stacy Julian.  Over the past couple of weeks Big Picture Classes have been running their BIG IDEA FESTIVAL.  And it was kicked off by Stacy Julian who had the brilliant idea of Happy Mail.  Bascially this is making a card or writing a letter and posting it to someone - HOW COOL IS THAT!!  How great would that feel to open up your mailbox and discover a letter/card from someone, let alone Stacy.  And on the flip side to know that you made someone smile and feel loved.  You can read more about the idea here
This Happy Mail idea was something I had thought about even before Stacy put it out there. for two reason.  The first is that I've been trying to think of ways in which to get Miss 7 to write more ie improve on her writing and thought a really fun way would be for her and her friends to write letter to one another.  In today's technology driven world the simple act of writing tends to be forgotten as let's be honest, it's far easier, quicker and simplier to send an email or message. 

However, the main reason behind happy mail was that my mum no longer has access to her emails and skype due to ill health.  She has her phone but that can prove challenging and I wanted her to still be involved in our lives.  Even though instant communication is abit harder these days for her receiving some post from us full of pictures, letters and love would make her smile.

So I have set myself a challenge to make a card each week and post it to her, complete with drawings (& letters from the girls) and photos.  I've been doing this for 2 weeks and so far have made 2 cards.  A 3rd is in progress on the table. 

Considering I'm not a card maker I'm quite pleased with the end results.

Card No. 1
I used a premade card and attached some patterned paper (October Afternoon), some ribbon, a random flower and a saying that came with the card.

Card No. 2
I used my last premade card, attached paper from Amy Tangerine and emblishment and saying that came with the card.

Why don't you make a card or cards and send them out ......just because !!  You know that you'd make someone's day EXTRA special !!

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