Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Recipe for Friendship

The January challenge has come to an end.  There were some fantastic layouts.  I loved how we all had a different take on this challenge - finding a recipe and making that the focus.

This challenge had me stumped for a little while as wasn't quite sure how to approach it.  I'd come up with a few ideas but nothing really grabbed me.  I was in the process of sorting out my printed photos and I came across this photo.  It's me with three of my good friends out for dinner (all three of them now no longer live in HK and they are very much missed) and it envoked some wonderful memories.  It got me thinking about friendship and that surely there must be a recipe out there for that.  I did a search and found this fabulous poem to go with my photo.

I used Scrapbook Circle's Grandma's Kit for this layout.  This kit was full of Emma's Shoppe collection from Crate Paper which I love.  The tones and colours helped me give the tone I was trying to achieve - abit of light hearted fun!

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